I Won’t Shop For Clothes Until I Lose My Belly Fat

I must lose weight, especially my visceral belly fat, or I won’t buy any new clothes even though I need some. Summer is around the corner and being seen in public in a bathing suit is out of the question. I would be so embarrassed because of my big waistline. I look like an apple on sticks. Pear and hour glass shapes do not apply to my body. I no longer look good in any clothes. My clothes don’t fit!

How about you? Are you in the same spot? Have you tried on clothes lately and found that everything makes you look very round and pudgy? That deep visceral fat surrounding your internal organs is much harder to lose than the subcutaneous fat found under your skin. And, it’s that visceral fat that is giving you such a large waistline. It makes it difficult for your organs to work properly and puts a strain on your heart besides keeping you from being attractive in clothes. Bummer.

Losing weight has become quite a challenge. When I just had to lose weight from subcutaneous fat, it was pretty easy. But losing weight from my intra-abdominal fat takes dedication and good habits. It can be done! First, you must get a good plan. There are a variety of plans you can get online. Second, you must do exactly what the plan says. Finally, you must make healthy lifestyle changes in order to permanently keep off your belly fat.

Don’t take your round stomach area lightly. There is proof that visceral belly fat is dangerous to your health and may even kill you. In addition to making your clothes not fit nicely, it is producing hormones, chemicals, and compounds that are harmful to your body. You and I must lose our belly weight so we won’t possibly have a heart attack or get diabetes as a result of our visceral fat.

Besides eating a healthy balanced diet, you must exercise regularly. Even if you are currently not in the habit of moving your body, you must begin to at least walk for 30 minutes three times every week. There are many other options to accomplish the necessary exercise to lose weight, strip your belly fat, and become fit. Some exercise activities are:

• Swimming
• Yoga
• Playing ball in the park with your friends, kids, or dog
• Running
• Tennis
• Pilates
• Weight training
• Exercise classes

Choose your plan, your diet, and your exercise options to begin losing belly fat and weight right now. You will also get a smaller waistline in the process and be able to have fun shopping for clothes.

Shopping for Clothes Guidelines

If you notice people who are labeled shopaholics, you will find that they essentially love to shop for clothes everyday. Unlike most people who buy clothes twice or thrice in a year, these people buy clothes twice or thrice every week out of habit.

Many of us who buy clothes on an as needed basis look for the right time to buy clothes and plan our shopping accordingly. We do plan on what is required and when it is required and do not buy something when it is not in season or the demand may be too high.

When you need to go shopping for clothes depends upon how many clothes you have in your wardrobe that can be worn and are in good shape. As long as clothes are not torn, worn out or out of size, you may not need to replace then with new ones.

It is a misplaced thought with many people that the minute clothes are a little old, they are to be replaced. Even old clothes can be worn and they can be as good as new clothes unless you find that they are worn out, faded or torn. If they are in good condition, then old cloths are as good as new.

Many of us tend to confuse our wanting clothes with our need for cloths. When do we need clothes? Only when we do not have sufficient pairs that can be worn through out the week or if our old clothes are torn and worn out so much that we cannot wear them any longer. But then wanting clothes is a different ball game.

It is a good habit to buy clothes in small quantities wherever an occasion demands that you go dressed formally. On certain occasions like job interview or office parties you will have to be dressed formally and look smart. Go and buy one or two good pairs on such occasions and wear it to the function.

There is a huge difference need for clothes and want for cloths. Want for clothes can be unlimited wants and you may want to indulge in shopping every week, whereas your need for clothes is very limited and you might go out to buy may be once or twice a year only.

Proper care and maintenance is all that is required for your clothes to last a long time. You can then save up a lot of money and effort in having to drive around and make so many trips shopping for new cloths.

Shopping For Clothes Online – Change Your Wardrobe

Everybody needs to change their wardrobe on a regular basis. Your clothes are an important part of your daily lives and you can’t stick to the monotony of using the same ones too often. Our hectic schedules seldom give us time to shop for clothes. Whatever little time we have at our disposal we love to spend with our loved ones. The internet has made things a relatively easy for people all over the world. Why step out of the house when you can order everything to your doorstep. Shopping for clothes online is a great way to find a wide variety of choices in clothes and fabrics the world over.

There are people who love to shop in every nook and corner of their locality for that particular garment they’ve been looking for. After a long search you may eventually find something that fits you but not like the color or vice versa. Some people may find their choice of clothing in a store but find the price tag too high and decide to patiently wait to buy it in a sale. When the time for discounts arrives, you find out that the garment of your dreams is sold out or obsolete. You curse your luck and move on in life. Why go through this struggle when you can find clothes of your choice online. You’ll find online discounts on clothes every day. Whether it’s a gown, jacket, a pair of jeans, tee shirts, trousers, dresses, and a whole lot of other clothing, you can find them all at affordable prices on the net.

You may have come across a situation where, you’ve picked that turquoise colored spaghetti strap dress that speaks volumes about your beautiful figure. The robust mirror in the change room shows you the color of envy on the faces of your girl pals while the guys are busy drooling. With the theme of “Chariots of Fire” playing in your mind and a victorious smile on your face you rush to the cash counter and patiently wait in the queue for your turn to come. The attendant at the cash counter greets you with a warm smile as you hand over your credit card to him. All of a sudden the smile disappears as he apologetically informs you that they don’t accept that particular credit card. The beautiful tune in your head stops and the mirror in your mind crumbles.

Your nostrils flare as you wear a disguised smile while taking a deep breath and assure the attendant that you will be back with cash within a few hours. In turn, the attendant assures that he will keep that turquoise colored dress aside. Your heart beats as you hurriedly rush back to get the cash required for the dress. You finally get back in a few hours with the cash only to learn that the turquoise colored dress was sold to someone during the attendants lunch break. The naive you transforms into a malicious monster as you hurl a symphony of abuses in the presence of an audience. Why go through this kind of a scenario when you can find the same turquoise colored spaghetti strap dress online. It will be delivered right to your door step. Moreover most online sellers accept all types of cards for payment. Most online retailers also make provision for the dress to be returned in case the size doesn’t fit. You can return it in one of the branches in your country or locality, which will help you save on shipping charges. Make it a point to go through the terms and conditions before you buy clothes from an online seller. It is always recommended that you buy from a reputed online retailer as you can be assured that your credit card details and personal information is secure with them. Shopping for clothes online enables you to buy traditional garments or fabrics from all corners of the world, which you wouldn’t find in a retail store in your locality.